How do we operate?

Our mission

Specialises in international freight forwarding of merchandise and associated general logistic services. we have the expertise to be your partner in international transportation and overseas business who you can but your full trust on. our history-bringing you industry-specific expertise; whatever you’re shipping, wherever you’re shipping it. shipper delivers a professional, efficient service tailored to the specific needs of your business.our services are designed around you. our mission-we take care of your goods since it arrival to our warehouses and we examine it well to make sure the integrity technically and physically and in conformity with the required specifications and secure and free of defects


How do we operate?

Our vision

  • Create benchmarks of quality, consistency and commitment in the integrated logistics business worldwide.
  • Create better value for clients and for us through ingenuity supported by knowledge, expertise, technology and imagination.
  • Nurture long term relationships with all stakeholders through growth, trust and by delivering on promises.
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen by contributing to the society and respecting cultural sensibilities. Inspire creativity, initiative and leadership.





Founded in 1998 as import for others by commission and provide logistics services to its customers in Egypt and the middle east by Mr. Hosam Mohamed who owns his long experience in this area and today has become one of the biggest companies working in the field of logistics and transportation services via sea, land and air and the provision of logistics services in the world with strong capital fully paid.


Successful tasks we owe to our customers

Without any mistakes, we were able to accomplish these tasks for our clients. We got the full confidence that we can always provide the best and more than we expect because we are working in a field that is not likely to make mistakes even if it is very small and we have always been developing our services and training Our team to avoids the least mistakes in the work


Hands We used

We have 640 employees to serve our clients in administrative jobs only. Under this effort, we require a series of trained personnel to perform the tasks of logistic services in a very fast and professional manner, divided into small teams, each specializing in specific tasks, The accuracy of its performance and ensure that we will do the work of our customers away from any mistakes that affect the course of our customers


Satisfied clients

Thank you to everyone who dealt with us and gave us confidence and today after this history supervisor in the world of logistics we have a large base of customers in more than 15 countries and we reached that 95% of these customers have expressed their opinion and showed their full admiration of the way we work and accuracy and gave us We are confident to continue with them in the world of overseas trade.


You can choose from the range of logistics services we provide to you, which gives you the freedom and flexibility in choosing what suits your size of services without being forced to take the service does not benefit your business


You can confidently tell the world that your business is going well and performance is great and that the one who is doing logistics services for you is one of the largest companies in this field development and accuracy in performance


Thanks to our constant efforts in developing the performance of our services and a renewed innovation in the way of providing logistics services, we have integrated and superior solutions for all types of businesses, whatever their size, whatever the circumstances and the environment in which we operate.




World transport

By our branches and agents worldwide, we act as agents for the largest air and sea transport companies and shipping lines. We can transport your goods, whatever their size, from documents to containers from and to anywhere in the world.

24h aviliability

We work 24 hours non-stop so you will always find us when you need us at any time during the year even in holiday times because we know well that time is the main factor in the quality of the delivery of logistics services.

Client support

Technical support and technical consulting services are available when you need them through a professional team with a great experience and fully believed that your complaint or asking advice will be processed ASAP.

About Our

Managing Directors


Founder & CEO, DE LLC

Hossam Mohamed

Founder and Chairman of the Group and owns 80% of the Group’s capital. He is 54 years old, including 30 years of experience in the field of importing and supplying logistics services. He holds a BA in Foreign Trade and also studies in Communication and Information Technology.


Managing Director, De LLC

Diaa Abushadey

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and holds a Bachelor of Laws and experience of 10 years in the field of international trade and international commercial law and owns 5% of the group


Logistics Manager, DE LLC

Mohamed Bedair

General Manager of the Logistics Services Section of the Group. He holds a Bachelor of Foreign Trade and 13 years of experience in the field of International Trade and Logistics and owns 5% of the Group.


Operation Manager, DE LLC

Vangie Guladuse

Director of Operations and has experience in this field for more than 10 years and experience in the management of shipping and unloading, searching for goods and negotiating with factories and follow-up production lines and customer requests with full professionalism