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The world of logistics services is a large and influential world that has a direct impact on the international trade processes and economic and business decision making. It is a rapidly evolving world to meet the increasing needs of producers, exporters, importers, businessmen and economic sectors, so the quality and efficiency of logistics services is a factor. Very influential and significantly in the development and growth of business.

And because we believe in the importance of our services, you will always find that we seek to develop and upgrading of our services and work by all means to reduce costs, which makes us can perform our services at prices can not compete with any other company working in the same field.

Our services start as soon as you contract with the suppliers. Just take a break and let the difficult tasks we do for you professionally and with a high degree of speed. We will follow up the supplier of the goods and follow the manufacturing processes, quality tests, technical inspection, packaging and transport to our warehouses for prepare it to export to your country. And re-packaging the goods with protective packaging against water and moisture and shocks in order to ensure the arrival of your goods to your country safety and quality without the any damage result of the transport and handling operations and if your country is one of the countries where we do door to door service we will customs clearance and termination of release procedures and delivered to the door of your warehouse at full speed and at the lowest cost.

Whatever your needs are of special requirements in the manufacture, packing, storage or shipping of your goods and whatever your suppliers, we will be with you as your eye and  your hand, which will follow up and handle your business at the supplier location with all honesty and confidence and we will collect your goods from all suppliers in our warehouses and re-packaging it to ensure You have the lowest shipping cost and we will pay the suppliers upon receipt and follow up your shipment until it reaches you safety.


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By an experienced team with high experience in all types of goods, we check your goods and make sure that they are technically matched to the specifications required and contracted with the supplier and its safety and free of defects.


By refilling the goods in suitable containers and assembling more than one parcel in a single package, which reduces the charged areas and provides you with at least 30% of the shipping and unloading expenses, which increases your profit, our goal is always to be a winner with us.


When we make sure that your goods are fully compliant with the required specifications, we deliver the goods value to the supplier and with us you can store your goods in our  equipped warehousing  for 30 days free of charge until all your goods are collected from all the suppliers and shipped as one shipment, which reduces your shipping and export costs and customs clearance.