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We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of logistics services for international trade overseas, which makes us in the front lines of companies engaged in the provision of logistics services, but we may be distinguished because we always develop and innovate new ways to provide this type of services, Which we do with ease and flexibility with the least amount of mistakes while ensuring a high level of quality in providing our services to satisfy all the needs were large or small

Around the world


With us you can ship all kinds of goods from anywhere in the world to any place easily and fully flexible and ensure the flexible sequence in the shipping and arrival of your goods in a timely manner through a large network of our branches and agents spread all over the world and a team working Professionally and with the highest level of technology, materials and equipment.
Because your complete satisfaction is our first goal, we can confidently tell you whatever your business size or shipments, whatever the nature and size of your goods and whatever the circumstances surrounding the work, yes we can.


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Express Cargo delivery

We are working 24 hours a day without interruption even on official holidays to ensure the fast delivery of your goods. Once the customs clearance procedures are officially released from customs in the country of arrival, you will find your goods in your stores with a maximum of 6 hours of customs clearance. It ensures the speed of delivery to customers by reducing the steps used in most companies competing for the sequence of processes for sorting and delivery of goods, which ensures that we are the fastest company in the process of delivery and with confidence Yes we can deliver to you as fast as possible


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Assisted Purchases

Through a highly trained and experienced team in the global markets and wholesale centers we help you to provide a quote for the goods requested at the best prices and technical specifications of the required commodity and the cost of transportation to your country and expenses until the arrival of your door and we help you to buy whatever quantity required and Then shipped to you and delivered to you at your door with the lowest possible costs and on time.
Just send us the required product data and within 48 hours you will have the full details so you can make the decision to buy and ship


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24 hours support

Because we appreciate the importance of your work, we provide you with a team of experienced customer service to receive your calls within 24 hours and ensure you to quickly respond to your request and provide the best solutions and the fastest to implement your requests or solve your problem



Our services are not confined to a specific country or region but we work worldwide through our network
A large number of branches around the world and our reliable agents in their experience and the speed of their response to the implementation of customer requests

Direct client contact

Contact Us We are happy to ask you to perform service or complaint because you are important to us, we made your contact with us directly in the main branch to ensure the arrival of your request to us and we will work to provide the best solutions that satisfy you .

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Clients and Testimonials

I do not have to say that my service was complete and quickly I did not expect it. As usual, I have to buy from China and the shipping and customs clearance in my country takes about two months for this process, but with the 4  Elephants, the process was done in 40 days only and less than the expected cost 15%



العمل مع هذه الشركة حقا ممتع و رائع ذهبت لهم بالصين و استضافوني مجاناً في فندقهم الخاص بعملائهم فقط و قاموا بتوجيهي للاسواق و اخترت بضاعتي و تفاوضوا على الاسعار حتي حصلت على اقل الاسعار و قمت بالشراء و عدت الى الكويت و قاموا باستلام البضاعة و فحصها و تصويرها لي و شحنوها لي بالكويت و انهوا  اجراءات الجمارك و قاموا بتوصيلها لباب شركتي كل ذلك تم بدون ذهابي للجمارك  حقا يستحقوا ان اشكرهم على مجهودهم معي في اتمام عملي

عبدالعزيز المطيري


We asked for raw materials for a toilet paper as we need fast delivery before the Chinese holiday. We did not find a supplier. We contacted the 4 Elephants and they searched us and contracted a large factory. and shipped to us on time , which saved our production lines from stopping for lack of raw materials

Serjate Bandi


Peace of Mind


founded in 1998 as import for others by commission and then provide logistics services to its customers in Egypt and the middle east by mr. Hossam Aboushady who owns his long experience in this area and today has become one of the biggest companies working in the field of logistics and transportation services via sea, land and air and the provision of logistics services in the world with strong capital fully paid, which gives the customer complete confidence and safety, we own more than that we own confidence of our customers and our good reputation overseas enabling us to progress and continue to climb and make it always provides what is new and does not accept to compete with other companies working in the same field.