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4 ELEPHANTS CARRIER GROUP is a global freight forwarder with most powerful network of independent freight agents all over the World.

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4ECG with our professional team and long time experience on China markets & online shopping and payment Worldwide.


Trade exchange between countries

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By a team of professionals in the field of international trade we offer you a wide and sophisticated solutions for international trade exchange.

Integrated logistics services


We provide services and the conditions under which our client will always be satisfied, confident for his money and goods and time.


As one of a global leader in freight forwarding and logistics international serving our customers directly all over the world.

We offer to our customers a full range of services for overseas trading  and all the logistics that are indispensable in the world of import and export starting from search for goods and sources and contracted to buy them and then the process of receiving and inspection repackaging and processed for shipment and then exported to a destination import and customs clearance and then delivered at the customer’s door without any problems, as we 24/7 do our services, faster and proficiency in performance because we are fully aware that our this field is not an area where the errors or delays can done.

And because we believe in technical specialization and spatial we identified from the beginning that our services specialized for specific areas of the world that we perform our services to the fullest and so we have identified areas where our company serve the mutual trade zone between China and the Middle East, and this does not mean we do not provide our services to other regions, We have take agents no’t less from us experience and professional in most countries of the world in order to ensure that our agents in these countries can get benefit from our services, With growing business , we have spread our wings to serve your shipment needs across the globe and partnered with some of the major  global sea and air courier in order to offer you a competitive rates and space allocation.

    Why Our Clients Choose

    Our services


    our services has been developed to provide the safe and efficient shipment. for most of our customers, this service provides the support to move goods between worldwide ports even sea port, airports or land ports. we know how transport more complex cargoes, such as food-grade, hazardous.tailoring your shipments around your needs is easier than you think.

    On time

    With us always your shipments arrive at the required time, whatever size or type, because we work 24/7 without rest in order to organize the operations of shipping and unloading and customs clearance, which ensures you to arrive your shipments in a timely manner more than you expect


    Because we own our own warehouses equipped with the latest equipment to ensure the storage and handling of your goods in a professional manner, which guarantees you the safety of your goods throughout the period of their presence in our stores from damage or theft or loss and also distracted from your mind storage problems and spaces required to store your goods We give you a free period of storage in our stores



    We do not search for and do not deal with cheap or unknown shipping lines. We always contract with large and internationally renowned shipping lines like  HMM, APL, CMA, Egypt Air, Emirates, …  to ensure the fast and safe arrival of shipments to your country. At the same time, our contracted with these international lines and our size of our business with them take us to arrival of competitive prices and priority in loading and unloading with them.


    Because we are an international company with multiple branches around the world, which guarantees our customers that they deal with us and there are no intermediaries, which makes them get the best prices and the highest degree of confidentiality and safety and professionalism in the operation and also benefited from our experience in the markets of the countries we have branches.


    Any commercial company that wants to occupy a global position must require a logistics service provider with a high degree of professionalism and quality of performance and a large network of international relations ongoing and because we are always working to develop our services and everyone in the development and upgrading of our services and research It is always better to choose the right logistics service provider


    Because we provide you with full tracking of your shipments in all stages, starting from contracting suppliers, receipt, inspection, shipping and customs clearance until they arrive safely to the door of your store, which makes you aware of the status of your goods and schedule through the advanced tracking system we offer you through Our website

    Peace of Mind


    4 Elephants group to provide logistics services was founded on a strong foundation of experience in this field and a professional to make you enjoy working with us

    Through the founder of the group Mr. Hossam Mohamed, who has a high experience in the field of logistics and trade overseas since 1992 and until today, which was always set goals through a vision to develop future work in this area and solve all the problems no matter how small. 2010 He joined all his companies to become one group under the name of the 4 Elephants under the leadership platform of high experience and technology of a professional team and a specialist and has the expertise and skills that will not find a community in other rival companies, making 4 Elephants are at the top in this area and on top of reviews from specialized assessment of companies and international organizations, as well as the testimony of the group clients with world-renowned


    With us you will find many choices that suit all levels started from the individual customer who wishes to import goods for personal use and even large commercial companies, giving you the freedom to choose the services that you want to do without you incur any additional costs or hidden wages


    When you deal with us and experience our services, you will find yourself experiencing a unique and enjoyable experience in the world of logistics, which will let you tell the world about your successful experience and advise them to work with us and wish that the whole world share your success with us.


    At any time and from any place do not hesitate to contact us when you need any of the commercial services or logistics will always stand by you and we serve you in the fastest time and professionally will not find a competitor.


    Time is the main factor in the business world and it is the basic evaluation criterion for companies that provide logistic services. As we are one of the best companies in this field and appreciate the value of time and its importance in working, we will always meet in time for the event.